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Welcome to As the name implies, I've executed nearly 10,000 transactions during my trading career.

During my 21 years of trading, I've won some (60%) and I've lost some (40%) and I hope I can share my experiences to educate you on some of the things I've learned over the years.

As you follow my blog, you'll see I love the water and often will use boating terms as metaphors for trading. If you follow along you'll need to interpret the sea conditions, nautical charts and weather forecasts and how they relate to my trading.

Here are a few of the interpretations:
  • Ticker Symbol/Stock Position = "Boat" or ship or vessel being traded. A dinghy is a small investment and a ship would be a large investment. All Ticker Symbols/Stock Positions or "Boats" = The "Fleet"
  • Not Invested = At the dock, port or harbor
  • Symbol Purchase = Leaving the dock or port as in set sail, cruise or voyage
  • Trade Strategy = The course, heading or direction the boat will be taking at sea
  • Distance = The amount I am investing. The more I invest, the further from the dock I go.
  • Symbol Hold Time = The number of days or months at sea
  • Symbol Sale = Returning to the dock or port
  • Stock Market = Ocean or Sea or Open Water
  • Stock Market Direction = Tides or Current
  • Wind Speed (knots) or Tide velocity = VIX
  • Stock Market & Economic News = Weather
  • Storm = Bad weather causing a Low Tide, possibly a Rip Tide
  • Hurricane = A violent storm of large magnitude
It would make me very happy if I can help you make or save money while investing. I am not a financial adviser, I am not licensed and will never claim to be an expert. I've just traded a lot!

Fair winds and following seas!

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This is for informational purposes only and the information provided does not encompass all possible or probable outcomes and nothing posted here is an indication of future results. Nothing in this blog is a guarantee or promise of future investment returns and investing in stocks or bonds carries risks including losing your entire investment. I do not recommend, advocate or endorse any third-party links, resources or advertisements of any kind. Any investment decisions are recommended to be in conjunction with a Certified Financial Planner, a comprehensive and personal financial plan and all other components that make up your own financial situation.

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