AUY Trade #91

AUY Trade #91

I used to watch Jim Cramer on the television show Mad Money and I'll never forget Cramer yelling "YAMANA!!" at the TV during the lightning round. That's when I began trading YAMANA Gold.

This trade isn't over yet but I've waited and waited for this stock to return to it's "glory hole". I've been holding some positions since September 2014 (yep, I wasn't using a STOP-LOSS at the time) and if it ever rebounds then maybe it will rise in the trade ranks. I thought trading a gold mining stock would be a hedge if there was an overall pullback in the stock market.

Here are three takeaways from Trade #91. First, someday I'll devote a blog to debt. In short, I hate debt whether it is in my personal life or in business and AUY has A LOT OF IT. Today, they sold a mine and are talking about shareholder returns (it's about time) so maybe we'll see some positive momentum. Second, I don't care to own gold and I don't value gold so why did I invest in gold? Third, after 6 years of successfully trading this stock I got complacent and trusted the stock (didn't think I needed a STOP-LOSS) back in 2014 when it started to dive. I knew better and I should never trust a stock based on previous returns.
  • Trade Rank: 103
  • First purchase: August 14, 2008 @ $10.229.
  • Last purchase: October 27, 2017 @ $2.50.
  • Total Purchases: 261
  • Average Daily Price Range: $0.10
  • Recent price: April 12, 2019 closed @ $2.56 (down -75% from the first purchase price)
  • Net Gain/(Loss) if any remaining shares are sold at today's price: -3.22% (includes all fees, commissions and interest). Additionally, I've earned some dividends on AUY which has improved the loss but not by much.
Trading Tide Levels (learn more):
  • High Tide (S&P hit a high of 2910 last week and the last Low Tide was 2722 on March 8, 2019)
  • Strong Neap Tide (VIX @ 12.71)
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