$T Trade #103

$T Trade #103

Didn't I learn my lesson investing in telecom from WCOM Trade #4???

Once smartphones became an extension of the human anatomy, I became more interested in telecom stocks.
  • WCOM Trade #4
  • VYTL Trade #25
  • Q Trade #31
  • MOT Trade #39
  • S Trade #42
  • VZ Trade #44
  • LVLT Trade #54
  • PALM Trade #62
  • TLAB Trade #78
With a strong dividend yield, T became a top target and the 103rd stock traded. T has a lot of debt so I'm not overly excited about it long term but so far the trades have been mediocre but the return has been strong because of the dividend. I've also had experience with Time Warner (formerly TWX Trade #23) which T acquired in 2018. I might refer to this trade as my "Game Of Thrones Trade" because of HBO.

Trade Rank: 90

Average Daily Price Range: $0.53

First purchase: February 5, 2018 @ $36.717.

Last purchase: December 24, 2018 @ $27.6673.

Recent price: April 29, 2019 @ $30.88 (down -16% from the first purchase price)

Total Purchases: 24

Nibbling on T as the price has dropped and earning dividends along the way has been successful but it takes a long time (every 3 months) to earn that dividend.

Trading Tide Levels:
  • High Tide (S&P hit a high of 2949 yesterday and the last Low Tide was 2722 on March 8, 2019)
  • Neap Tide (VIX is moving up slightly closing at 13.11 yesterday)
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