Avoid "What Could Have Been"

Sports has taught me a lot and one of the lessons is to learn from the past but focus on the future. You cannot dwell on that bad shot in golf (or the many bad shots in my case) or that strikeout in baseball. It is best to remove the "if it only would've" or "I wish I would've" from your mind. The best hitters in baseball fail more often than they succeed.

After copious practice, when you are ready to execute your trade, you have to trust your preparation. If you know the Tide Levels and tendencies and potential Rip Tides and, most importantly, you are prepared to lose money (STOP-LOSS), then proceed with confidence.

I have lost money on paper on almost every single trade before I've sold it. Only a handful of times have I bought or sold at the absolute bottom or top of a range (yep, got lucky). Remember, the stock will likely fall below your purchase price and if it falls down to your Stop Loss then you will be forced to lose the trade. If that happens, and you protected yourself with a STOP-LOSS, move on to trade again as long as you are enjoying it and can afford to lose again.

Trading Tide Levels:
  • Mid Tide (S&P hit a Low Tide of 2801 on May 13, 2019 coming off a High Tide of 2954 on May 1, 2019)
  • Moving toward Neap Tide (VIX hit a high of 23.38 on May 9, 2019 and was at 17.53 at the time of this post)
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