Diversify, Diversify, Diversify

NEVER put eggs in one basket! $WCOM Trade #4 serves as a constant reminder of this important lesson.

I watch about 50 stocks and funds and target 8 of them to trade. I've found 8 to 10 stocks (24 - 30 "boats" (I will have up to 3 positions in any one stock)) is about my limit in order to deliver a decent return on my effort. The 37 other stocks that I watch but do not target serve as potential replacements for the 8 target stocks.

When I set sail, I diversify by launching several boats/several courses. This gives me plenty of options should the conditions worsen. So let's say the weather and conditions are favorable to launch a cruise (which usually means it is storming at the dock), I dedicate no more than 25% of my trading funds to any one stock or fund.

A good captain weathers the storm he or she cannot avoid and avoids the storm he or she cannot weather (unknown author).

In addition to dedicating no more than 25% to any one stock, I also leave port at several different times/with several different boats (positions) by dedicating no more than 33% of the 25% of funds allowed for a stock to any one trade. This again helps me diversify my positions so I'm not needing to be perfect each time I trade.

Fair winds and following seas!

Trading Tide Levels:
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