Practice, Practice, Practice

I cannot emphasize enough how I need to be prepared to lose my entire investment. Every boat can sink. I cannot trade what I cannot afford to lose. That said, there's a saying "a ship in port is safe, but that is not what ships are built for (Grace Hopper), so if I want to "play in the game" then I must practice while in port.

Practicing while in port is like installing a rudder, engine, sail or simply working on your boat before you head out to sea. You would never set sail without a way to control your boat or keep it afloat, why treat your money any different?

I love movies about underdogs, stories about overcoming adversity and winning despite the odds. It should come at no surprise that I love the Rocky movies. One of my favorite quotes was when Rocky's trainer, Mickey Goldwin, says "For a 45-minute fight, you got to train hard for 45,000 minutes, 45,000! That's ten weeks, that's ten hours a day, ya listenin? and you ain't even trained one! what the hell are you waitin' for, what are you waitin' for?"

That was me stepping into the ring on WCOM #4. Instead of practicing hard and learning my lessons in practice, I lost big in the game with real money!

Trading Tide Levels:
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