Long Term vs Short Term

Of the 105 stocks I've purchased:
  • 50 symbols are up from the price I first bought them.
  • 12 symbols are down from the price I first bought them.
  • 43 symbols are no longer listed for trading in the markets. They are out of business, been acquired, now private companies or something similar.
Over half, 55 (52.4%) of the 105 stocks I've purchased are either down today compared to my first purchase price or are no longer traded. This really puts into perspective how difficult it would have been to pick individual stocks to hold them for the long term.

This information clearly indicates in my case it would have been better to purchase a good, low cost index fund that contains a mixture of stocks rather than to pick individual stocks for the long term. This might explain why half of US stock fund assets are now invested in index funds.

Trading Tide Levels:
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