The Returns

First, the bad news, I have yet to recover from some bad trades. Namely, $WCOM trade #4 and $AUY Trade #91. Had it not been for those two trades, I'd be up (see Avoid "What Could Have Been".) Overall, I am down -27% for my career at this time (-1.5% average annual return). Not good.

Now, the good news, I've averaged +23% year over year returns over the last 10 years. $WCOM trade #4 decimated my portfolio (see STOP-LOSS) and I'm still recovering. If I can average an 8% return each year moving forward, my break-even will finally happen in the next couple of years. To put it into perspective, $WCOM trade #4, in just a three year period, wiped out positive returns for the next twenty years!

When I look at my results, it is clear a STOP-LOSS would have made a huge difference. Blaming my competitive and hopelessly optimistic nature, I've held my losers a lot longer than I've held my winners. I would've been better off buying and holding a fund that tracked the market which historically has generated a return of somewhere around +8% per year.

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