Analyst Downgrades & Upgrades

Search for news about one of your stocks and you might get a dizzying range of results. It's often difficult to wade through the clutter to find useful information.

This morning I am inspecting one of my boat families $CAT after seeing a note that UBS maintained $CAT at sell this is just a couple weeks after Citigroup maintained $CAT at buy. As with all third party resource, I'm not sure how accurate this is but here's a list of $CAT analyst ratings history:

Now, seeing or hearing someone say "sell" doesn't exactly instill confidence and if you don't have the right mindset, it can cause a little bit or even a lot of panic. Similarly, seeing or hearing someone say "buy" could cause irrational exuberance that can be expensive.

So who should I trust?

Well, when I do my inspections, I read the news without emotion and the truth is I trust no one. Analyst downgrades and upgrades are yet another factor that can contribute to roller coaster emotions. It is usually best to stay calm, trust your research and maintain a steady course.

Fair winds and following seas!

Trading Tide Levels:
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