Course And Heading 10/14/19

It looks like we are possibly in a 10 day old High Tide that should rise to between 3039 and 3102. Three of the last four High Tides expanded around 54 days on average and, over the last couple of years, High Tides have lasted 32 days on average.

Late last week I returned four boats to port and if we are in a High Tide then I returned my boats early and I will fight the inevitable feeling of disappointment or calculating "what could have been" over the next few weeks.

The right attitude is to simply appreciate the wonderful time spent at sea on the boats that recently returned to port and then patiently await the next time to set sail. I do not have conviction in the market right now so I am keeping it safe.
  • No new cruises (long positions) planned.
  • Keep cruising (hold) and/or return to port (sell) existing cruises (positions).
  • No short positions planned.
Fair winds and following seas!

Trading Tide Levels:
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