Hurricane Corona

As you know, 10KTrades uses sailing as a metaphor for investing using terms like boats, fleet, tides, storms and more.

A "Storm" is particularly bad weather often causing a Low Tide and possibly even a Rip TideStorms happen occasionally as a result of bad weather such as bad economic or political news.

A Hurricane is a violent storm of large magnitude and often has several "storms within the storm". The entire world is now hearing about Hurricane Corona. Hurricane Corona is a financial storm with a devastating beginning never seen before.

To put it into perspective, let's start to compare Hurricane Corona (20-?) to our last two hurricanes: Hurricane Great Recession (07-09) and Hurricane Dot-Com Bubble (00-02).
  • Hurricane Dot-Com Bubble (00-02) began March 24, 2000 at 1552.87 and lasted 930 days until October 10, 2002 dropping 51% to 768.63.
  • Hurricane Great Recession (07-09) began October 11, 2007 at 1576.09 and lasted 512 days until March 6, 2009 dropping 58% to 666.79.
Hurricane Corona dropped 30% in the first 28 days. It took both previous hurricanes nearly a year to drop 30%!

But, both previous hurricanes did have huge storms within them, dropping even larger and faster than the start of Hurricane Corona:
  • Hurricane Dot-Com Bubble low tide #6 produced a 28% drop over 122 days between day 424 and day 546 and low tide #8 produced a 34% drop over 127 days between day 725 and day 852.
  • Hurricane Great Recession low tide #6 produced a 33% drop over 21 days between day 344 and day 365 and low tide #9 produced a 26% drop over 17 days between day 390 and day 407.
So, did Hurricane Corona's big storm arrive already? How long will Hurricane Corona last? How much damage will Hurricane Corona inflict?

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Fair winds and following seas!

Trading Tide Levels:
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