Hurricane Low Tide #6

Today we established Low Tides #5 @ 2486.22. It is possible Hurricane Corona ended on Low Tides #4, March 23rd @ 2191.86. If Hurricane Corona is not yet over, unfortunately, we might not have seen the worst yet.

Enter Low Tide #6. Both previous hurricanes had huge receding tides that coincidentally happened on Low Tide #6:
To try to predict what a similar Low Tide #6 would do during Hurricane Corona, let's compare the other  Low Tides #6 to their respective Low Tides #4 (the most recent Low Tide during Hurricane Corona). Because High Tides #4 and #5 fall between Low Tides #4 and Low Tides #6, the drop between Low Tide #6 and Low Tide #4 was not quite as bad as the the drop between Low Tide #6 and High Tide #5:
If similar results occur, Hurricane Corona's Low Tide #6 would stop receding around the 1650 level.

Low Tide #6 was not the only huge low tide in each previous hurricane.

Perhaps the best news is that Hurricane Corona is aging (we are on our 9th tide (5 down, 4 up)) and with each day we are moving closer to the end.

    Fair winds and following seas!

    Trading Tide Levels:
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