Boats And Fleet Management

Everyone has their own personality and preferences. Some like to feel the exhilarating g-force from the sharp acceleration of a jet ski and others like to slowly cruise around like on a pontoon, relaxing, perhaps even barbecuing or fishing along the way.

My personality outside of trading (for the most part), has been one of a thrill seeker. I love the reward of taking on risk. Early in my sailing (trading) career, I took the same approach, seeking out high-flying boats and ignoring the diversity of having a fleet. I put everything into one boat that sunk. As you can guess, this was an expensive approach and it was absolutely no fun either!

Today, I have about 73 boats, in several Watch Lists, in my fleetClick here to read about boat selection from July 22, 2019 (Interestingly we were in a High Tide at the time of that post with the S&P sitting near an all-time high (at the time) of 2976.

One of the important questions you should ask yourself is: how much time can I dedicate to managing my fleet? I can tell you 73 boats is way more than I can manage so I've broken down the fleet into two groups:
  1. A group of 9 boats that I watch very carefully, and
  2. A group of 64 boats that I spend very little time on. These boats are potential replacements if I decide to drop a boat out of my top 9.
I've measured my enjoyment related to the time I spend on sailing. I've realized time-sucking paralysis by analysis, I've listened to the "experts" talk about the markets all day long, I've been glued watching the tickers stream tick-by-tick and I've also spent almost no time at all managing my fleet. For me, I have the most enjoyment and best results spending no more than a few hours each week managing my fleet.

On a weekly basis, I study the seas and weather forecast and I chart my plans in my boat log. Then, from that plan, I set alerts on my top boats to notify me if it is ready to sail or to bring back to port. A couple of times per day, I look at the direction the markets and I glance at the streaming quotes for my top boats. That's about it. I trust my research and I always try to keep my emotions out of my decisions. If I spend too much time in the "market" I tend to get anxious and when I get anxious I set sail or stop sailing too soon.

If I trust my research, the work is done, wake me up when there is something to do!

Fair winds and following seas!

Trading Tide Levels (at the time of the post):
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