Course And Heading 05/11/20

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful women that made us who we are!

Tides are governed by many factors and emotions are certainly one of them. Tides flow toward optimism (sometimes unsustainable) and pessimism (sometimes unjustified). The last two weeks the S&P started simlarly at 2837 and 2830 and today the seas are at around 2930, a more optimistic tide by 100 points or 3.5% and only 25 points below the last High Tide recognized about 12 days ago on April 29.

As you know, the higher the tide, the less likely I am to sail as returns become more difficult to achieve. A 3.5% return in a week is a beautiful voyage and I did bring back some boats on Friday (one boat, $AUY 12, was at sea for nearly 4 years), however, that does not mean I will call the entire fleet back to the harbor, it just means I have less exposure (fewer boats sailing) preparing for the inevitable Low Tide that is coming.

If Hurricane Corona is over then: we are rising in a possible High Tide and it could be safe to float some boats for short trips as we could rise to around the 3000 level.

If Hurricane Corona is not over then: we are either in High Tide #5 or Low Tide #6 which could take us all the way down to the 2400 level over the next few months based on Tide research.

Therefore, here is the Boat Log entry:
  • Continue sailing boats already at sea (about 47% of the fleet is sailing), hoping to call some back to port around the 3000 to 3100 Tide Level.
  • Preparing some boats (up to 60% of the fleet) to depart around the 2800 Tide Level. Also planing a few short trips around 2850 - 2900.
  • No short positions planned.
Click here for an update on Hurricane Corona

Fair winds and following seas!

Trading Tide Levels (at the time of the post):
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