Stock Market Course And Heading 05/18/20

Last week had some tough to read tide movement as we were on the brink of reaching a High Tide and then a squall developed dropping the S&P 179 points to 2767. The sea has been commonly moving about 150 points between the high and the low each calendar week (a reflection of the high VIX.) The 179 point squall last week, however, was a very abrupt and concentrated move. During the squall, we launched a few small boats.

If Hurricane Corona is over then: we could be rising again in a possible High Tide and it could be safe (although the winds remain dangerous) to float some boats for short trips as we could rise to around the 3000 level. A possible 150 point range for the week is 2800 - 2950. 

If Hurricane Corona is not over then: we are still either in High Tide #5 or Low Tide #6 which could take us all the way down to the 2400 level over the next few months based on Tide research.

Therefore, here is the Captain's Log entry:Click here for an update on Hurricane Corona

Fair winds and following seas!

Trading Tide Levels (at the time of the post):
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