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Conditional Trade Orders

Are you sure you want to deal with the emotions associated with the risk of losing your money? Do you have the right mindset to make sure trading is enjoyable? A great tool to help manage  emotions  is the use of "conditional orders". A conditional order is an order that uses predetermined criteria to trigger an action. Here's an example of a "conditional order" that executed today: If the bid of $STLD is greater or equal to $30.49, sell  $STLD  at limit $30.50. This "conditional order" was created on Monday, September 14 and it triggered on Tuesday, September 15. There are a couple of things I like about this strategy: You don't have to openly "advertise" your plans to the public. You may already be wondering why not just place a sell order for  $STLD  at limit of $30.50? I prefer not to "show my hand" until I am ready to play my hand and I also like the power of putting some thought into the if/then conditions. Conditional

Low Tide Watch

The tides go up and the tides go down. We recently observed a record-setting 65 day King Tide that rose 20% between June 29 and September 2. That's a heck of a run and it was fun to watch. I like to float boats at  Low Tide  and let the boats rise with the  Tide . Here are some Tide  level boat launch points: 3300 interested but not excited 3000 very interested If you choose to launch, take caution, the winds ( VIX ) is high around 30 knots. I'll be patiently waiting and watching the weather. With the election coming soon, we can call this " hurricane season " and the last thing you want to do is launch and get caught in a  hurricane . Fair winds and following seas! Trading Tide Levels  (at the time of the post): Low Tide  ( S&P  around 3339) Rip Tide  (dangerous winds,  VIX  around 30 knots) Subscribe to 10KT Newsletter Learn More About 10KT Facebook Twitter This is for informational purposes only and the information provided does not encompass all possible or

Create Watch Lists

Creating Watch Lists in whatever brokerage account you are using and selecting the " boats " (stock symbols) to include in your Watch Lists are the first steps in  Fleet Management . AVOID LOSING YOUR ENTIRE INVESTMENT! Stay diversified by investing in a fleet of stocks rather than risk everything on one stock. That is why Watch Lists are important so you can observe and study stocks from various industries at the same time. Here's an example Watch List created in TD Ameritrade > My Account > Create a new watch list > Add symbol(s) > Name and Save Your Watch List Example: AAPL, AMZN, CAT, $VIX.X, F, GOOGL, KHC, MU, STLD, T, USB Here's another Watch List example: FXAIX, RFHTX, VIGIX, VIIIX And another: AAPL, AMD, AMZN, BABA, BBBY, BRK.B, BX, BXS, C, CAT, CRM, CSCO,  CTL, DE, DELL, DIS, DKGN, F, FB, FDX, GE, GM, GOOGL, GSS, GT, GTN, HD, JBLU,  JCI, JD, JNJ, KHC, LOW, LSI, LUV, MA, MAT, MGM, MRVL, MSFT, MU, NKE, NVDA, ORCL, PFPT, RAD, RNG, SANM, SBUX, SCHW,