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Hurricane Election?

With the election only one week away, the  winds  have increased and sailing is becoming more challenging. But, as you know from reading 10KTrades , we like to set sail during bad weather and generally return to port when the weather has been good. We are watching for a couple of key  S&P   low tide levels: September 24  low tide  of 3209 June 29  low tide  of 3000 And if it really gets nasty: March 23  low tide  of 2192 Fair winds and following seas! Trading Tide Levels  (at the time of the post): Falling Tide  ( S&P  around 3390) Rip Tide  (increasing winds,  VIX  around 33 knots) Subscribe to 10KT Newsletter Learn More About 10KT Facebook Twitter This is for informational purposes only and the information provided does not encompass all possible or probable outcomes. Nothing posted here is an indication of future results or is a guarantee or promise of future investment returns. Investing in stocks or bonds carries risks including losing your entire investment. Nothing is re