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Low Tide Forecast

The  tide  was at 3750 just 12 days ago on January 15th. We are now in a  Low Tide  phase. Usually, a good time to buy stocks.  Target  Low Tide  Date Range: January 27 - February 11, 2021 Target  Low Tide  Levels: 3737 30% In (last reached on January 6, 2021) 3663 50% In (last reached on January 4, 2021) 3512 80% In (last reached on November 10, 2020) Trading Tide Levels  (at the time of the post): Fair winds and following seas! Tide Level  ( S&P  @ 3750) Rip Tide  (dangerous,  VIX  around 37 knots) Subscribe to 10KT Newsletter Learn More About 10KT Facebook Twitter This is for informational purposes only and the information provided does not encompass all possible or probable outcomes. Nothing posted here is an indication of future results or is a guarantee or promise of future investment returns. Investing in stocks or bonds carries risks including losing your entire investment. Nothing is recommended, advocated or endorsed including any third-party links, resources or advertise

Tide Tracker

I use rising and falling tides to paint a picture of stock market movement with "buy low" and "sell high" in mind. When the tide is high it is marked in red (for sell), when the tide is low it is marked in green (for buy). Low Tide : the lowest point and sometimes a good time to buy stocks. High Tide : the highest point and sometimes a good time to sell stocks.  Below is a list of tides over the last 5 years (note: the tides on 1/21/21 and 1/4/21 are not verified yet.) It shows there are better times to buy or sell than others but it is also one of the best illustrations that displays how, over time, you can buy good companies with a long-term future at almost any price and if you wait long enough, you'll probably make money. Date High Low 1/21/21 3,861 5% 1/4/21 3,663 -3% 1/4/21 3,770 7% 11/12/20 3,519 -3% 11/9/20 3,646 13% 10/30/20 3,234 -9% 10/12/20 3,550 11% 9/24/20 3,209 -11% 9/2/20 3,588 20% 6/29/20 3,000 -5% 6/19/20 3,156 6% 6/15/20 2,966 -8% 6/8/20 3