2021 Tide Forecasts

 There have been 5 Low Tides so far in 2021 (about 1 per month). Here are the Low Tides by year:

  • 2021: 5 so far through May 12
  • 2020: 14
  • 2019: 5
  • 2018: 8
  • 2017: 1
  • 2016: 4
As you can see, Low Tides seem to form about once every two months with the exception of  2017 when there was only one (on March 27th). In 2017, you would have waited all year for the next Low Tide that never came.

Last year was pretty volatile with 14 Low Tides giving you plenty of opportunities to participate (6 of the Low Tides last year were in March and April 2020 alone).

Here is a Low Tide forecast for the rest of this year based on average High and Low Tides:

  • December 15 4409 Projected
  • October 21 4299 Projected
  • August 28 4157 Projected
  • July 5 4128 Projected
  • May 12 4057
  • March 25 3854
  • March 4 3723
  • January 29 3694
  • January 4 3663
Note: because of the high S&P price to earnings, rising inflation possibly leading to rising interest rates, and the probability of higher taxes, today's Tide Level (S&P @ 4152) is seen as an S&P level in some of our Low Tide projections all the way out to the year 2028. If that happens, the next 7 years will be much like 1999 (S&P finished the year @ 1469) to 2007 (S&P finished the year @ 1468) and then 2007 to 2012 (S&P finished the year @ 1420).

It's almost hard to believe today that between 1999 and 2012 there was no growth in the S&P.

We would like this market much better today if it was around 3300 or below.

Fair winds and following seas and buy low and sell high!

Trading Tide Levels (at the time  of the post):

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