How To Choose The Right Boat

Choosing a boat (stock) to invest in can be (and probably should be) a difficult decision. Invest in a money pit and you will watch your hard-earned money vanish. Invest in a boat that requires very little maintenance and increases in value and you will have a great time investing.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a boat such as their industry, how long they've been in business, the popularity of their products or services, total debt, price-to-earnings, growth rate, market cap and so much more.

To make it simple, I will suggest one basic rule to start with: invest the majority of your money in boats that you know or, even better yet, boats with products or services that you personally use in your own life. Household names attract a lot of attention and are not without risk but if you believe in their products or services, perhaps others will agree with you and their stock will go up over time.

And to make it even more simple. Instead of sailing an individual boat, choose to sail an index fund like $VOO that is made up of many boats. When you buy a share of $VOO, you are buying a piece of many boats so no one boat can sink you if it sinks.

Fair winds and following seas and buy low and sell high!

Trading Tide Levels (at the time  of the post):

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