Trade Or Hold?

Trading individual stocks is time-intensive, risky and can be an emotional rollercoaster. So why trade?

The answer to this question is different for everyone but here are some considerations:

  1. Do you have a high-level understanding of stocks and the stock market?
  2. Can you afford to lose every dollar you are investing?
  3. Do you like to gamble and take risks with your money?
  4. Do you enjoy researching stocks and learning about companies?
  5. Do you have enough time to research?
  6. Are you trying to trade as a hobby or a full-time job?
Notice how none of those considerations are "do you want to get rich?". Very few traders outperform the overall market and you have a FAR better chance to make money if you invest your hard-earned money in the overall market than you do if you try to trade individual stocks.

I say "buy $VOO or something similar during Low Tides$VOO tracks the performance of the S&P 500 index so it requires far less research, time, and analysis than individual stocks.

Fair winds and following seas and buy low and sell high!

Trading Tide Levels (at the time  of the post):

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